In this guide, we will be sharing the simple instructions that will help you to download AOL gold for windows 10. So, download the software and be a witness to the amazing services offered by AOL.

Before you proceed with the AOL GOLD Downloading process, check out the system requirements.

  • Operating System – Windows 10 operating system. Though, AOL is also compatible with Windows 7,8, and 8.1 versions

  • Processor – You need a 266 Mhz processor or a better version for AOL Gold.

  • Memory- There must be at least 1 Gb RAM in your device and 512  MB of Hard Disk Space. 

  • Screen Resolution- Your system must support the 1024X768 or better screen resolution. 

  • Internet Connection- Active and stable internet is important to download AOL Gold.

Aol Account

AOL Gold Desktop Download: Step By Step Instructions

If you are new with AOL, follow the guidelines below: 

aol gold account delete
  •  On your Windows 10 device, open any web browser for AOL Gold Desktop Download and visit the AOL official website.

  • Now, choose an option for creating the AOL account.  Here, you need to provide details like email ID, date of birth, username to move forward with the downloading process.

  • After creating the AOL account, log in into it, 

  • Select the AOL membership plan as per your preference.

  • Go to the “AOL Mail” service and use the AOL login details to log in. You can check the message in your inbox with the subject ‘Start with AOL Desktop Gold’.

  • After finding the link, click on download it on your device. 

  • Once the downloading process is completed, run the setup file to install AOL software.

  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the process.

So, follow these guidelines to download AOL gold for windows 10, if you are new with AOL.

Already an AOL member? Follow the steps below: 

  •  Go to the AOL My Benefits section to download the AOL Desktop Gold on your device. 

  • Login to the AOL account, and open the AOL My Benefits section. 

  • After finding the link, click on it to begin the download process. 

  • After you complete the download, you can click on the software to start the installation. 

  • Follow the on-screen guidelines and complete the process.

With these simple instructions, you can Download AOL Gold for your Windows 10 device.  The mentioned steps are very easy, but if there is any doubt, feel free to contact the AOL professionals and seek their help to complete the downloading process without any hassle.