AOL Gold Installation Download

Everybody wants to use advanced based technology products and services to have better user-experience.  Be it a hardware or software, we prefer the latest version available in the market, same is with AOL. The latest version of AOL Gold includes all that a user can look for while using the internet services, with AOL Gold Installation Download, a user can send emails, browse the internet, access entertainment stuff and perform the other online tasks all under the same roof. This All-In-One software comes with enhanced security features to share the most reliable experience with the customers. If you are looking forward to using the AOL services, you can go for AOL Gold Installation Download on your Windows 10 device and be a part of the AOL family. 

In this guide, we will share the guidelines that will help you in AOL Desktop Gold download and install on your device. Before you proceed with the download process, you need to fulfil certain requirements for the hassle-free installation of software on your device.

System Requirements to Download and Install the AOL Gold

  • Operating system – Windows 10.

  • Processor- 266 Mhz or better system processor.

  • Memory- Minimum 512 Mb hard disk and 1 GB Ram.

  • Screen Resolution – 1024X768 or better resolution.

  • Internet- Strong and stable internet connection for software download.

Once your device fulfils these system requirements, you can download the AOL gold on your Windows operating system.  If these requirements are not fulfiled, you will not able to use the AOL services.

Features Supported by AOL Desktop Gold

Comes with premium security features – the premium security features assures that your AOL account is protected from any online attack and outside threats. AOL supported advanced encryption and two-step verification for secure data transfer. 

Auto Update- The Auto-Update feature assures that updates get downloaded automatically whenever available.  All you need is to have an active internet connection. 

 Screenshot Capturing – AOL blocks the other websites from taking a screenshot of your data. This helps in data protection from online scams. Although you can disable this feature if you want, it is not recommended due to security concerns.

AOL gold download install for Windows 10

New with AOL : If you are new with AOL Desktop Gold, you need to create the AOL account and be an AOL member. For this, follow the steps below:

  • Visit AOL official website. 

  • Enter the necessary details to create the new AOL account. Use the details like email ID, username, DOB etc. ‘

  • Once you have created the account, log in to it. 

  • Choose the AOL membership plan as per your budget. 

  • Go to ‘AOL Email service’ and login to the account, find the message in your email saying ‘Start with AOL Desktop Gold. 

  • Click on the link and use it to download the software. 

  • Once the downloading is complete, run the setup file for the AOL installation. 

  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the installation process. Now, you are all set to enjoy AOL services.

So, these are the simple steps that you need to follow for AOL desktop gold to reinstall current members on your device. All the mentioned steps are very simple and easy to execute. However, if there is any trouble in the software reinstallation process or you are unable to do it yourself, contact the AOL professionals and seek their advice to figure out the solution and complete reinstallation. 

If you are already AOL Member

If you are already a member, you can have AOL gold download install for windows 10 with simple steps below: 

  • Login to the AOL account and go to the My Benefits section. 

  • Find the AOL Gold and tap to download. 

  • Once the downloading is done, install the AOL Gold following the same steps as AOL new member.

These simple guidelines will let you complete the AOL Desktop Gold download install on your Windows 10 device. Still, if there is any doubt, you can contact the experts and seek their advice to fix the issue. Download the software today and enjoy the best mailing and browsing experience in a more secure manner.